5 Spring & Summer Landscaping Maintenance Musts

5 Spring & Summer Landscaping Maintenance Musts

We are looking forward to spring & summer now more than ever because it will allow us to spend more time outside and reconnect with our loved ones, whom we have missed during the long winter. A heightened respect for nature and the outdoors is the one positive outcome of the pandemic. In many situations, our backyards evolved become the go-to gathering place for social gatherings and meals, always keeping a safe distance in mind.

We had a chance to make full use of our indoor and outdoor living spaces during our time at home. With these five essential spring & summer landscape maintenance tasks, it is now time to get our wonderful outdoor spaces ready for secure outdoor parties.

  1. Clean Out Messy Beds

Cut back dying perennials, particularly ornamental grasses, and remove any remaining leaves from beds so they may rebloom when the weather warms. Crisp corners that define the area give beds a tidy edge. Beds have a "colouring within the lines" appearance thanks to proper edging. Refresh mulch lastly.

  1. Trim Tree Limbs & Wayward Branches

Tree branches that are sick, dead, or dying should be cut down since they pose a serious risk. Tree limbs may fall as a result of spring storm gusts and freezing rain (or snow), which could harm your home or other structures on your property. Spring is also an excellent time to prune trees that obscure beautiful views and stray shrubbery that encroaches on homes or obstructs paths.

  1. Replace Tired Plants

Plants age, though we don't often consider this—and some age better than others. Plants that are overworked are more prone to illness and may need more attention to survive. The best sustainable course of action would be to replace the plant you are attempting to save with a healthy one, so be careful not to over-treat it. On the other hand, you could want to experiment with a different plant species or you might find that the plants in your landscaping require more upkeep than you would like.

Spring is a terrific time to think about updating tired plants, switching labor-intensive species for low-maintenance plants, or investigating a novel variety that will liven up your garden.

  1. Give Your Lawn A Breather

A crucial annual service, lawn core aeration includes mechanically removing turf and soil plugs to let nutrients, oxygen, and moisture to grass roots. To strengthen weak spots in the lawn, we like to combine aeration and overseeding. Your grass probably isn't receiving the nutrients and fertiliser supplied during maintenance visits without routine aeration.

  1. Plan A New Landscape Gardening Project

The constant process of improving your landscaping, albeit not strictly upkeep, will keep your property looking new and performing as you desire. Because of the epidemic, you probably spent more time at home this year. Think about the things that would help you make the most of your garden space. To provide some landscape gardening suggestions in Belfast, here at Fourwinds Landscapes, we are pleased to conduct a free quote for whatever you may have in mind.

Simply get in touch today via phone call on 07889615815 or via our contact page to discuss your next landscape gardening project in Belfast or anywhere in Northern Ireland.

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